Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10.31.12 CDR: Alcoyano v. Real Madrid 720p [EN]

10.31.12 CAPITAL ONE CUP: Chelsea v. Manchester United 720p [EN]

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10.30.12 CDR: Alavez v. Barcelona 720p [EN]

10.30.12 REVISTA DE LA LIGA - Matchday 9 - 720p [EN]

10.30.12 CAPITAL ONE CUP: Reading v. Arsenal 720p [EN]

Sunday, October 28, 2012

10.28.12 LA LIGA: Mallorca v. Real Madrid 720p [EN]

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Catch today's action with matches like Everton v. Liverpool & Chelsea v. Manchester United as well as midweek action in the league cups where Chelsea will meet Man U again for the 2nd time in 3 days. Don't miss it!

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10.28.12 EPL: Chelsea v. Manchester United 720p [EN]

10.28.12 EPL: Everton v. Liverpool 720p [EN]

Saturday, October 27, 2012

10.27.12 MATCH OF THE DAY 720p [EN]

10.27.12 LA LIGA: Rayo Vallecano v. Barcelona 720p [EN]

10.27.12 EPL: Manchester City v. Swansea 720p [EN]

10.27.12 EPL: Arsenal v. QPR 720p [EN]

Thursday, October 25, 2012

10.25.12 EUROPA (Gr A): Liverpool v. Anhzi 720p [EN]

10.25.12 EUROPA (Gr H): Inter v. Partizan 720p [EN]

10.25.12 EUROPA (Gr J): Maribor v. Tottenham 720p [EN]

10.25.12 EUROPA (Gr B): Atl Madrid v. Academica 720p [EN]

10.25.2012 Europa: KRC Genk v. Sporting Lisbon [DUT]

10.25.12 EUROPA (Gr D): Newcastle v. Club Brugge 720p [EN]

10.24.12 UCL (Group C): Zenit v. Anderlecht 720p [EN]

10.24.12 Champions League Goals - Matchday 3 - 720p [EN]

10.24.12 UCL (Group B): Montpellier v. Olympiacos 720p [EN]

10.24.12 UCL (Group A): Porto v. Dynamo Kyiv 720p [EN]

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10.23.12 UCL (Group D): Ajax v. Manchester City 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group C): Malaga v. AC Milan 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group A): Dinamo Zagreb v. PSG 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group D): Dortmund v. Real Madrid 720p [EN]

10.24.12 UCL (Group B): Arsenal v. Schalke 720p [EN]

10.23.12 Champions League Goals - Matchday 3 - 720p [EN]

10.23.12 REVISTA DE LA LIGA - Matchday 8 - 720p [EN]

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10.23.12 UCL (Group G): Barcelona v. Celtic 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group H): Manchester United v. Braga 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group G): Spartak Moscow v. Benfica 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group H): Galatasaray v. CFR Cluj 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group F): Lille v. Bayern Munich 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group F): BATE v. Valencia 720p [EN]

10.23.12 UCL (Group E): Nordsjaelland v. Juventus 720p [EN]