Q: How do I download the matches with all those links?
A: Firstly, download JDownloader.
Install it and then copy & paste the links into it and hit start.
JDownloader will download the parts and join them automatically which will result in the video file.
If you would like to un-zip the file manually use WinRar.

Q: What are spoilers & why avoid them?
A: A spoiler is a match result or any other information that gives away what happened in a match, how the match progressed & who won or lost.
Anything that gives away what happened after the starting whistle is considered a spoiler.
The reason spoilers are not allowed on HD fOOtball & Just fOOtball (in the comments box or in the match thread comments) is because a lot of people come on here to get & watch a match without wanting to know the result so they can enjoy it just like watching it live.
If you wish to discuss a match, express and opinion about what happened in a match or simply just shout out a result out of pure excitement please visit 360 fOOtball and use the chat comments box on there. The spoilers rule does not apply to 360 fOOtball.

Q: I get errors with the archive. What is going on?
A: Firstly, you should know we check for errors before uploading an archive so the errors are most likely from the file getting corrupted during your download process.
Try re-downloading that one part (or multiple parts) that gave you the errors. Also try getting it from a different host.
If that does not work, re-download the whole file again (some users on HDF did this before and it fixed their issues)
If all else fails only then please contact the capper of the match for help.

Q: Some files on here are MP4 thus not PS3 compatible. What can I do to play them on my PS3?
A:  Use MKV2VOB software to de-mux and remux into a MKV PS3 playable container. It takes minutes (this is not re-encoding)

Q: Why don't most cappers on HDF release matches in MKV format?
A:  Our recording hardware/software has 2 options for output video file: TS or MP4. In order to release a match in MKV we would have to either re-encode it (which would delay the release by few hours) or just mux it with MKV2VOB in which case we would just be changing containers (while the format and all other characteristics would remain the same) which, IMO, is pointless given the fact that any physical media player out there (Popcorn Hour, WDTV Live etc) and also any software media player (VLC, KM Player, Media Player Classic) they all play the TS files just fine.
Our main purpose is to release the football matches as fast as possible so you, the end users, can watch them right away, just like watching live football in the best quality possible.

Q: What if I want to re-encode these files to an MKV or other format?
A: Handbrake is a free open source software that allows you to re-encode audio/video files. It supports a lot of formats and it is very user friendly.

Q: Why is 720p superior to 1080i when it comes to sports?
A: The reason is the "p" in 720p versus the "i" in 1080i
Simply put "p" as in progressive scan is recommended for fast action videos (in this case sports)

Read more on this here: http://alvyray.com/DigitalTV/default.htm

Q: Why 60fps?
A:  Obviously 60fps (frames per second) is superior to 25fps or even 30fps. The more frames per second in a video the smoother it plays and the more real it looks.
Movies for example are released at 24fps and intentionally so, to make them look apart.
Not all people can tell the difference but we suggest getting the same football match in a 25fps version and then watch a 60fps release from HDF and you will see what we are talking about.
50fps is close enough to 60fps that you will have a very hard time telling the difference.

Q: What's the best browser to use with HD fOOtball?
A. HDF is best viewed in Chrome, Mozilla or Safari. Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not work properly with our site. IE does not display all design elements properly.
You will still be able to view the site in IE and navigate it.